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RE: [Samba] NetBIOS name resolution from Linux

Subject: RE: [Samba] NetBIOS name resolution from Linux
From: "L.P.H. van Belle"
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 08:46:17 +0200
Wow, i was gone this weekend, heavy discussion here on this subject.

What i did to make resolving work for "my PDC" and all of my other server
my goals where, and i think this is good to know for others.

1) my pdc is my master server,
2) my email server must also resolve my pc names
3) my proxy server also must resolve my pc names
4) i must be able to resolve pcnames over wan
5) i must have dns backup.

so what i came back with.
1a) samba (PDC), with dhcp and DDns.
        preferred master = Yes
      domain master = Yes
      os level = 65
        these are used to make sure samba is master browser.

        dns proxy = yes
        this is used to make sure samba resolves over DNS first.

        wins support = Yes
        you want it to work, netbios.. so enable this.

1b) resolve.conf
        search yourlocaldomain.internal.local otherdomain.com  
        ( search = to make sure my own domain is resolved first )
        other extra for internet backup ( has nothing to do with netbios
resolution ) 
1c) setup DHCP3 + DDNS
        this is done so every pc which is connected to the network and gets
dhcp ip
        also gets recorded in the dns server.

2) my email server has a dns slave setup.
        i also have "1b" in this server.
3) see 2 ;-) 
4) i also manual record the dns of my pc's on other offices
        ( there are 4-5 pc's there in 2 remote offices) 
        yes, dhcp relay should be better, but i never tried it to set it up.
5) because all of my server have the same dns setup is good to have

so i think the above is a lot of crap, but i hope it helps someone.
for me this setup is working sinds 2005, and im happy with it.
... as is my boss...  grin.. 

ow and you better not uses hosts files, and dont forget to check also your
if your using ldap.


if i can improve some thing, please let me know.
for example howto setup the dhcp relay. ;-) 

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>John H Terpstra
>Verzonden: zaterdag 17 mei 2008 14:26
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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] NetBIOS name resolution from Linux
>On Saturday 17 May 2008 06:41:08 am Olivier Parisy wrote:
>> John H Terpstra a écrit :
>> > On Friday 16 May 2008 09:22:43 am Charles Marcus wrote:
>> >> On 5/16/2008 10:08 AM, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>> >>>>> set your resolve.conf to resolve on localhost first and set the
>> >>>>> search order.
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>> example of the resolve.conf
>> >>>>> search yourlocaldomain.internal.local otherdomain.com
>> >>>>> nameserver
>> >>>>> nameserver ipofprovider
>> >>>>
>> >>>> Much better to use the opendns servers than any randon 
>> >>>
>> >>> First why use open dns servers.
>> >>> the dns servers of your provider is much less hops away.
>> >>
>> >> Hops really don't matter... most ISP DNS servers are 
>unreliable... some
>> >> are extremely unreliable... I said 'random' meaning, it 
>really wouldn't
>> >> matter what ISP you were using, I'd say the same thing...
>> >
>> > OK - now that we have split the atom regarding what might 
>be the best DNS
>> > solution, how does this help resolve NetBIOS names within 
>Linux? Have I
>> > missed something vital in this thread?  Seems I must have.
>> >
>> > I'd like to know how you propose to store the name_type 
>info in DNS?
>> >
>> > For example, how would you store "MYSERVERNAME<20>" in DNS?
>> >
>> > Next, how will you teach the Windows client to search DNS 
>for that info.
>> > After all, we are dealing with the NetBIOS name space.
>> With all due respect, that is not clear to me either.
>> I am "only" looking for a simple way to resolve NetBIOS 
>names on a Linux
>> machine. Replacing NetBIOS resolution by a full-fledged 
>local DNS would,
>> I suppose, be appropriate on an enterprise-scale network, but we are
>> just talking about an home LAN here (which I should have stated more
>> clearly from the start).
>I am a little lost at to what the problem is here.  WINS does 
>not require 
>winbindd to be running.  On the Linux system it requires:
>1) In your /etc/nsswitch.conf file:
>hosts:  files wins [NOTFOUND=return] dns
>2) Install the samba file libnss_wins.so.2 in the /lib 
>directory (or on 64-bit 
>systems in the /lib64 directory)
>3) Run nmbd
>That's it!  What is so difficult?  What makes this so 
>complicated?  If you do 
>not need DNS, then don't even run it (or else just run a 
>caching DNS server).
>Winbind is orthogonal to wins.  They serve entirely differing purposes.
>- John T.
>> My understanding is the following: I need to bridge NetBIOS name
>> resolution, as provided by nmbd, with the libc 
>gethostbyname() standard
>> call. The Name Service Switch (NSS) seems to be designed for this
>> purpose: by adding a "wins" entry in nsswitch.conf and installing
>> winbind, the later can then act as a service to NSS (through
>> /lib/libnss_wins.so.2; or is it /lib/libnss_winbind.so.2?).
>> Now, all of this is nice and dandy, but installing winbind 
>opens a whole
>> can of worms for me: since it also insists in handling my users and
>> groups (which, as I understand it, is its primary goal after all), it
>> cannot work "out of the box" and breaks my simple SMB share setting.
>> So I would say that winbind (or the fact that winbind + 
>> are distributed as the same packet on Debian?) is overkill for me.
>> Is this description correct? I'd be very interested in a 
>> Regards.
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