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Re: [Samba] samba upgrades deletes printer driver pointers / 3.0.24 to 3

Subject: Re: [Samba] samba upgrades deletes printer driver pointers / 3.0.24 to 3.0.28 upgrade, lost printers
From: Dale Schroeder
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 11:49:13 -0600
Michael / Dave,

Since the two of you are having similar problems, I thought I would respond to both at the same time. I cannot tell from your messages if your Samba/CUPS setup is similar to mine or not.

I started experiencing this problem on Debian lenny systems at either 3.0.26a or 3.0.27. It has continued to 3.0.28. In my case, it only affected systems in which I had compiled CUPS from the sources at cups.org. On the systems where both packages came from Debian, I have experienced no problems. On the affected systems, no amount of restarting samba and CUPS would fix the problem. To bring them back I had to reboot the system; and in some cases, there was a lag time after the reboot before the printers reappeared. I do not have an explanation; maybe someone else can offer one.


Michael Heydon wrote:

I recently upgraded from 3.0.24 to 3.0.28 on my Slackware 11.0 PDC. I have just noticed several printers have disappeared (they still exist and work in cups but they do not show up in the share listing on the server and users who have them set up cannot print).

Most of the printers are still present, the ones the disappeared have names that are 17 or more characters, the remaining printers all have names of 15 characters or less. All of the clients are XP Pro SP2.

I found an old mailing list message (2003) mentioning a 13 character limit when listing shares, however I don't believe this is the cause as some of the remaining printers have names > 13 characters.

The name length is the only obvious thing that the missing printers have in common. Is there a known difference between .24 and .28 share name/printer name handling? and if so is there a simple way to change it back?

Dave wrote:
I'm running a samba and cups combo on a Centos 5.1 machine. It's acting as a lan print server. I used pointprint to upload drivers to the samba share so that windows clients could obtain them. This was working fine until i'm assuming the upgrade 5.0 to 5.1 on centos, when samba was upgraded. The driver paths are still there, drivers, shares, but the .tdb files are not. When i try to connect to the printer and download drivers i'm told that the samba server does not contain the needed drivers. Short of a reinstall is there a way to recover?

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