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[Samba] Server doesn't show up in Network Browser

Subject: [Samba] Server doesn't show up in Network Browser
From: Alexander van der Leun
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 10:17:53 +0200
I've a Linux server running in ADS security mode. Joining the domain works and 'net ads testjoin' returns ok. When joining the domain, should it turn up in the Microsoft's DNS manager on the domain controller? It doesn't now, so I added it by hand. The machine has a static ip address.

DNS works now as Windows clients can ping it by name. Also, 'net view \\samba' works as it show the shares. However, when issuing a 'net view' our Samba box doesn't show up. And also when browsing the network in Explorer, it does not show. But all other servers and Windows clients do show up. This is also the case when Samba is running for more than 24 hours. This samba box is the only Linux server in the domain.

Maybe, it's important to say that both the domain controller and the Samba box are multi-homed machines.

Samba is version 3.0.25b running on Fedora 7.

Thank you,

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