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Re: [Samba] Several anomalies - Samba ADS member computer

Subject: Re: [Samba] Several anomalies - Samba ADS member computer
From: Rob Tanner
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 14:50:21 -0700
Look at chapter 23 of the official HOWTO and follow the steps to setup winbind -- winbind is the glue that allows you to see domain users. I just set it up yesterday so I can say with confidence that the documentation (especially the step by step pieces) is easy to follow and straight forward.

-- Rob

Mason, Roberto said the following on 04/13/2006 01:06 PM:

We've setup PC (700 MHz - 512 megs memory) running Samba - 3.0.21c as a test 
machine. We've successfully joined the machine to our Active directory using 
net join ADS... I'm able to create the shares, and access them. I've notice the 

1.      When I run getent passwd and getent group, I get just the local passwd 
and group info, nothing from the domain and no error message. When I run wbinfo 
-u, I get Error looking for domain users, and same type of message when doing 
wbinfo -g
2. We have several domains in our school board. I can only access the shares on my samba domain member computer when accessing from my domain. Even though I have groups with group members from other domains, when I'm connected to a machine from another domain, | can't access the share. It asks me to log on. 3. I don't have the same problem, if the share is on a server 2000 or 2003 on my domain. I'm then able to access the share from users of another domain, as long as the group from the other domain is granted permission on the share

Roberto Mason

IT Department

Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

235 MontÃe Lesage
RosemÃre, QuÃbec,
J7A 4Y6


Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR
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