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samba/ctdb for gpfs > 3.2.1-11

Subject: samba/ctdb for gpfs > 3.2.1-11
From: Martin Vogt
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:24:48 +0200
Hello list,

(to keep a long story short, I have only a single question)

- Which samba/ctdb version is know to work with
  gpfs >= 3.2.1-12 ?

(I read the changelogs of samba, used google,etc...
but was unable to find this infomation, sorry if I missed it)
My current samba version is incompatible with gpfs > 3.2.11.



PS: Now comes the long version :-)

I wrote a bugreport to bugzilla and into a gpfs forum:


The reply from the GPFS forum was helpfull. It seems there was some
internal change, which makes gpfs > 3.2.1-11 incompatible with _at
least_ samba 3.2.11.

The reply was:

>There have been some changes in the sharemode behaviour of GPFS in
>PTF12 that break Samba. You'll have to wait until a Samba patch for
>that is available or stay on GPFS PTF11.

This can be read as "Samba currently has no support for gpf > 3.2.1-11"
and because I haven't found anything in the changelogs I wrote this

PPS: This was the long version.

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