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IPv6 and Samba 3.2

Subject: IPv6 and Samba 3.2
From: David Holder
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 15:32:13 +0000

Happy New Year.

Eventually I have found some time to return to looking at Samba 3.2 and IPv6.

I have a few questions:

   * What is the current status of IPv6 in the Samba 3.2 code?
   * Is there anything that can be tested over IPv6 yet or are you
     still doing the ground work for this?
   * I'm assuming that I am best looking at the test branch?

My plan is to:

   * Look at the code ;-) - doing this now
   * Attempt to use Samba 3.2 over IPv6 server/client (if this is possible)
   * Carry out tests in our lab against Windows Vista and Windows
     Server 2008

I'm also revisiting Samba4 and IPv6 this week.

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