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Re: Winbind's offline state and idmap_ldap

Subject: Re: Winbind's offline state and idmap_ldap
From: "Gerald (Jerry) Carter"
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 22:57:17 -0600 CST
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On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, simo wrote:

Correct.  I thought you had already done that.  I remember
bringing that up during the merge.

Yes, I did the work, but it still tries to contact the backend as I thought it should have been authoritative about what is online/offline. You are proposing a different thing (which makes things easier probably). Now I see you probably meant this all the time, but I understood it in a slightly different way, so we need to check that part of the code to make sure it behaves as you propose.

I'm fixing it up.  Getting closer.  So the current idmap_cache is
expiring entries when winbindd is offline ?

My point about calling init() for each backend in idmap_init().

I know, I just thought it was worth mentioning the other stuff, and it was indeed as it seem we had slightly different ideas on the details. Luckily we spotted this difference, and we can make sure things work.

OK.  I'm splitting the idmap_init() to initializae the cache
at first and calling the remaining initialization code for the
backends when necessary and when we know we are online.

cheers, jerry
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