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Re: SOC Automated Windows Testing Project

Subject: Re: SOC Automated Windows Testing Project
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:44:00 +1000

 > I think i'm close. I have a good start on the vmware scripting, and have 
 > begun to put together a perl object to manage the windows vm, and a 
 > shell script to perform the initial setup functions. I'll clean up what 
 > i've done so far and commit it tonight. I'm pretty new to perl, so if 
 > anyone has any suggestions, i'd be happy to hear them. :)

Just had a look at the perl scripts you've done, and like me you tend
to do very C-like perl! I think thats perfectly fine, as I find it
very easy to read :-)

 > I don't have anything to perform windows->samba testing yet either, but 
 > I think the infrastructure which is completed so far will make that part 
 > pretty painless.

I think that getting basic windows->samba testing will be very simple,
as you already have code to remotely run scripts on the windows
box. The GUI scripting will be harder, but lets wait on that till
everything else works.

Cheers, Tridge

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