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RE: composite link - candidate for respin, maybe

Subject: RE: composite link - candidate for respin, maybe
From: John E Drake
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 08:27:59 -0700
> John,
> When nothing is being moved nothing is reordered.  If a flow or many
> flows is moved from a link with longer delay to one with shorter
> delay, unless the flow is stopped and bufferered for at least the
> delay difference and then drained, then reordering will occur.
> So I agree with Tony.  It is not practical to avoid reordering when
> traffic is moved.  It is therefore minimally disruptive.  The products
> of your new employer do the same thing.

One last time:  Flows may be re-ordered, but packets within flows are not 
re-ordered.  This is no different than placing flows of a single LSP on 
multiple component links, which is a required behavior.  The only difference is 
that when an LSP is pinned to a specific component link, this only occurs when 
the LSP is being pinned to a new component link using MBB.
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