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Composite link meeting minutes

Subject: Composite link meeting minutes
From: "So, Ning"
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 19:51:23 +0000

I am starting another thread of the discussion on the topic for a
moment.  I took some notes during the meeting, but I was only tying done
the key words the speaker was trying to communicate.  I expanded them
according to my memory and understanding here.   Lucy also took some
notes.  And the meeting minutes should come out soon.  We need to
assemble a complete set of notes/recollections from the meeting, so that
we can ensure all the issues raised during the meeting are addressed on
the mailing list.  

My meeting notes:  

1.  Upper layer and lower layer (outer and inner label) awareness.  Top
label too large, how to distribute lower label.

2.  Change make-before-break to "un-obstructive"

3.  draft to RFP like

4.  signaling to indicated if LSP can/want to be split or not

5.  combination of latency and BW in signaling

6.  end-to-end latency vs. local latency (advertisement and requirement)

7.  Can latency be categorized and use affinities to indicate

8.  Measurement (latency) frequency.  Other things to be measure such as
burst?  Specify what to measure

9.  How often to move LSP?

10.  Label stack lookup flexibility

11.  Spell out IPSec tunnel so no hashing 

12.  After traffic assignment, traffic behavior (BW and so on) may

13.  give priority of requirements

14.  limit the draft to 5 pages (7 pages)?  Put additional material into

Ning So
Lead Engineer
Global Data Network Traffic Planning
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