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RE: composite link - candidate for respin, maybe

Subject: RE: composite link - candidate for respin, maybe
From: "Mcdysan, David E"
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 07:19:28 -0400
"Pinning" an LSP to a specific component link was an intended use case
from the prior draft not in the current list. 

Do need to think more about the means (configuration, signaling) of how
this could be done. I will draft some text as to why an operator would
want to do this.


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> Subject: Re: composite link - candidate for respin, maybe
> Hi Curtis,
> > One is the abilit to move LSP from one component to another.  In 
> > Tony's view that would not be possible because the LSP is nailed to 
> > one component, not a group with common attributes and a 
> specification 
> > of maximum dynamic.
> Actually, I'm rather into flexibility.  Some LSPs might be 
> pinned.  Some might not.  
> Tony
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