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Re: Composite Link Requirements as WG document

Subject: Re: Composite Link Requirements as WG document
From: Raymond Key
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 10:19:17 +1100

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> Subject: Composite Link Requirements as WG document
> Folks,
> At today's meeting we received a request to adopt draft-so-yong-mpls-
> ctg-requirement-00 as a working group document.  There was reasonably
> strong support in the room for doing so.  Please respond to the
> mailing list with your discussion, support or opposition (please do
> this even if you did so in person).  The deadline for comments is
> November 30.
> Note that accepting the document simply means that the working group
> would begin working on requirements.  It does not imply blanket
> acceptance of the document as it now stands.
> Thanks,
> --John
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