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comment on draft-so-yong-mpls-ctg-framework-requirement-01

Subject: comment on draft-so-yong-mpls-ctg-framework-requirement-01
From: Lou Berger
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 16:26:56 -0700
Per Alex's request:

My point was that it would be useful to have a requirements document that:
1) identified the issues with today's solutions
2) identified operational requirements for an alternate solution

The document has a good start (or however Dave phrased id) of 1 in section 3.
The document has a start on 2, but does so only in the context of a
particular solution/approach, i.e., "Composite Transport Group
Requirements". For example the document states:
   Transport Group (CTG) provides the local traffic engineering
   management/transport over multiple parallel links that solves this
   problem in MPLS networks.  ....
   Composite Transport Group (CTG) is the TE method to transport
   aggregated traffic over a composite link. ....

I think it would be really useful to identify the carrier requirements independent of the CTG solution. For example the document could state:
- the solution must support multiple component links with different
  administrative costs
- the solution must support multiple routing instances per router
- the solution must support RSVP-TE LSPs
- the solution must support LDP LSPs

Once there is a clear understanding of requirements we can judge if the proposed solution is the one that the community wants to progress (or if there are alternatives.)
Hope this clarifies the point.

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