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Draft minutes of November 18, 2008 rtgwg meeting

Subject: Draft minutes of November 18, 2008 rtgwg meeting
From: "John G. Scudder"
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:34:19 -0600
Please send any corrections.


Routing Area WG (rtgwg)
73rd IETF - Minneapolis, MN

TUESDAY, November 18, 2008     1710-1810 Afternoon Session III

CHAIR(s): Alex Zinin <alex.zinin at alcatel-lucent.com> (not present)
         John Scudder <jgs at juniper.net>
         Alia Atlas <akatlas at gmail.com>

Scribe: Bob Salmi <bsalmi at routingdynamics.com>

existing work item update

   a) expect a last call on the 2 framework drafts after ietf.

   b) progress
          ordered fib draft progressing
          revived is-is extensions draft
          no ospf extensions draft need to investigate this.

   c) longer term

   d) drafts which are on hold pending demand
       microloop-analysis draft

What things need a home now

dmitry: propose what about multicast frr should this be part of charter update ?
jgs: Mcast frr would be reasonable to add

dward : 1) igp scaling architectural issues
        2) composite transport groups
        (Not clear if there are deliverables now/yet)

Danny: transport layer protecction
                align with work going on in other groups

Stuart Bryant: you mean layer 4 right

Danny: yes

Dward: some of this may happen in opsec


Loop Free IP fast reroute using Local and remote LFAP's presentation

Extensions needed to local lfap

X-hop neighborhood parameter
route tables of nodes within X-hop neighborhood are locally calculated
  using lsdb and calculation of SPT without exchanging information
  no impact on convergence

failure notification mechanism

How it works
1) receive lsdb from ospf
2) calculate LFAP's
3) verify interfaces via fea
4) on failure send notification via fea & istall lfap's to rib
5) on receipt of fail notification install lFAP's to rib

have implementation using "WISER" emulation tool
Fedora core 8 and XORP

Convergence results in slides

loop free discussion


Mike Shand: Are you saying that for unicast you won;t get micro loops ?


Mike      You may get remote loops outside the diameter of
         the repair area

Alia: Inconsistencies in draft regarding how LFA's are computed
     some examples in draft would cause forwarding loops

Alia: Why is the notification not applicable to the IGP.
     I.E. Why not just tune the IGP instead of shorting it.

everything is pre computed so you can just trigger the install

George Swallow: do you need to precompute all the failures for your
               neighbors links as well

George: so that lots of state I have to maintain right. I have to have a
       strategy for all failures

Stewart in a realistic topology is this order k neighbors to the power of x hops the number for the number of strategies we need to precompute
        and store

Stewart: what about competing solutions
        also should look at some of the work with frr tunnels
        what is wrong with an encapsulation based solution

disadvantage is overhead of additional header and processing

jgs: perhaps we should take this discussion offline.

jgs:  2nd or 3rd time this draft has been presented what do you want
     to do with it

jgs: based on room poll we will pass on this work
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