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Re: Agenda topics for IETF-72

Subject: Re: Agenda topics for IETF-72
From: David Meyer
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 13:23:56 -0700

> If you'd like an agenda slot for our IETF-72 meeting, please send  
> email to the chairs.  Please also let us know how much time you think  
> you'll need.

        We'd like to request a slot for the following topics:

        o How LISP uses BGP as an EID-to-RLOC mapping system (ALT)
          This is documented in draft-fuller-lisp-alt-02.txt. The
          base LISP spec can be found in draft-farinacci-lisp-07.txt.

          30 minutes -- Farinacci

        o LISP/ALT deployment status

          15 minutes -- Meyer



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