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Re: [RRG] Informal LISP BOF scheduled for lunch time on Thursday

Subject: Re: [RRG] Informal LISP BOF scheduled for lunch time on Thursday
From: Jari Arkko
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 05:30:58 -0800
A few words about the background for this may be useful. This slot is
primarily targeted towards educating additional people about one of the
proposals in the RRG. I.e., help people get up to speed. This allows the
RRG to focus on discussing the actual problems and not give tutorials
about what the basics of the proposals are.

The second slot of the RRG meeting this week is on Friday morning. LISP
is up for discussion there as well. All of the proposals in the group
have a number of issues that still need significant discussion,
thinking, and development. These issues relate to things like
communication between early adopters and the rest of the Internet,
incentives, effects to the end-to-end communication between hosts
through the new routing system, mapping mechanisms, etc. Some of the
proposals are also being implemented and experimented with, and I would
expect discussions on Friday about what the goals of the experimentation
in this space should be.


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