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Re: [RRG] Re: FYI -- Informal LISP BOF scheduled for lunch time on Thurs

Subject: Re: [RRG] Re: FYI -- Informal LISP BOF scheduled for lunch time on Thursday
From: Tony Li
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 00:13:52 -0800
On Dec 5, 2007, at 11:39 PM, John G. Scudder wrote:

Of course, it's hard to prove a negative, especially about large complex distributed systems. OTOH, there's some argument to be made (and I've made it before) that there's no obvious knee in the BGP performance curve.

Strictly speaking John is, of course, correct. We should continue to see linear degradation in performance as the table grows.
However, some speculate that we will see a knee in the number of
prefixes that are carried in the DFZ. In these scenarios, as a
market for v4 prefixes is established, it will become easier for
organizations to acquire PI prefixes and inject them. Further,
existing space holders will tend to de-aggregate them so as to
maximize their market positions. This combination could possibly
lead to a knee in the size of the overall table and a resulting knee
in overall Internet convergence time.
I should stress that this is all speculative at this point and we
will simply have to see how it all plays out.
We live in interesting times.


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