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hop count vs real metrics LFA analysis

Subject: hop count vs real metrics LFA analysis
From: Pierre Francois
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 14:22:41 -0800


To illustrate the discussion in rtgarea about the importance of
using the configured link metrics vs using hop count when looking at LFA coverage, here's a comparison of LFA's coverage, considering the percentage of links that are fully covered by LFAs in various topologies.
It shows the coverage with configured metrics vs. coverage with hop count.
ISPs A,  D, and E are national ISPs. ISPs B and C are Tier-1 ISPs
Note that the results for ISPE have *not* been swapped.

ISPA : 46% vs 12%
ISPB : 50% vs 40%
ISPC :  66% vs 46%
ISPD : 31% vs 21%
ISPE : 7% vs  46%



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