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Re: Vancouver meeting

Subject: Re: Vancouver meeting
From: Michael Menth
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 11:38:04 +0100
Hi all,

we work on performance evaluation of IP-FRR, some of our results
are summarized in

As there is probably no slot for rtgwg and as I know only few of
you personally, I would like to ask if people are interest in a
short presentation of that work? I would appreciate any feedback
and hints for further relevant performance studies in the area of IP-FRR
for the second period of our national research grant.

It's good to have a meeting early during the week to have the
chance for a second interaction. Therefore, I'd be happy to get
feedback from you ASAP that we can arrange an informal meeting.



John G. Scudder wrote:

Due to some cancelations we currently have an empty agenda for the upcoming IETF. We'll plan to cancel the meeting unless any there are any new last-minute requests to speak.

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