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Cascaded U Turns for IP Unicast FRR

Subject: Cascaded U Turns for IP Unicast FRR
From: "Abhay D.S"
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 13:22:38 +0800
hi alia and alex,
If a neighbor cannot provide a loop free alternate,
then a consideration for U turn alternate is made for
the same neighbor.
Now this U Turn Alternate cannot find a neighbor which can provide
a LFA, then we can consider this neighbors -> Neighbor upstream.
If this upstream neighbor can support LFA, then how to consider
the forwarding from
Source -> U-Turn Neighbor -> U-Turns Nbrs Nbr -> U-Turns Nbrs Nbrs Nbrs{ DISTANCE not via Source (This Nbr, Destination) < SPFDist(This Nbr, Src) + SPFDist(Src,Dest) is TRUE at upstream
Source can determine this and sends packet to U turn Neighbor say X,  U turn neighbor X  knows that it cannot send the packet to its neighbor Y, since Y
cannot provide a Loop Free Alternate but Z , Y's Upstream neighbor can.
In my understanding X can be configured to consider more than one hop neighbors can provide LFA, in this case Y's Neighbors Z
At Y the primary next hop to reach destination is Z.
I think X must signal to Src about its availablity as a U Turn for a Neighbor explicitly for a particular prefix.
How do you think ?.
Thanks and Regards,
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