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Please review our new draft. Thanks.

Subject: Please review our new draft. Thanks.
From: "janardhan kulkarni"
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 10:38:19 +0530

Kindly review our new draft on RIP/RIPNG to support equal cost routes
and split horozon and poison checks for such routes. Our aim is
document rules doing split and poison checks for these routes and we
aim to make it an informational draft.


Brief introduction from our work:-
RIP v2 as described in RFC 2453 and RIPNG as described in RFC 2080,
do not support learning multiple equal cost routes to a destination
through different neighbors.But in todayïs internet it is very
common to have topologies where there are more than one route to a
destination. This document describes the modifications to the
RIP/RIPNG protocols to handle this scenario and describes how to
apply the split horizon and poison reverse for such routes. It is
simple, light and is compatible with the implementations which do not
support this feature.
The main motivation behind this draft is to document rules for RIP/
RIPNG to handle equal cost routes to a destination, since most of the
vendors already support this feature. But there is no concord on how
to apply the split horizon/poison checks for such routes. In fact,
most of the popular vendors apply the split/poison checks in a wrong
way. This draft explicates the proper implementation of the above
features. Also, since RIPNG is getting deployed,these features can be
included while developing RIPNG.

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