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Re: WG docs reminder

Subject: Re: WG docs reminder
From: "Mick Seaman"
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:55:34 -0800
I favour adoption of
that is not to say I am at all opposed to the other two documents, I just haven't studied them in sufficient detail to render an opinion.
John G. Scudder wrote:
> As a reminder, three documents were proposed as WG documents at our
> IETF-67 meeting:
> draft-bryant-shand-lf-conv-frmwk-03.txt
> draft-bryant-shand-ipfrr-notvia-addresses-03.txt
> draft-francois-ordered-fib-02.txt
> Rough consensus at the in-person meeting favored adoption.  The
> deadline for comments to the list is November 21 (this coming Tuesday).
> --John
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