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Re: Updated Meeting Notes RTGEG IETF 65 (Dallas)

Subject: Re: Updated Meeting Notes RTGEG IETF 65 Dallas
From: Olivier Bonaventure
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 23:22:11 +0200
Alex, Bill,

During the last meeting, there were discussions about several drafts.

> 2006-03-20
> RTGWG Meeting Notes

> Pierre Francois on francois-ordered-fib-01.txt


> Alex: Where do the authors want to take this?
> Stewart: When we know more about this and PLSN, we can make a decision between
> them.
> Alex: I guess, but since we're close to finishing the Basic IPFRR draft, we'll
> have to decide if we want to progress it along with some sort of microloop
> prevention draft.  We were looking at Base IPFRR progressing with PLSN. Do
> we want to reopen that?
> Stewart: we should do both or subsitute.  This would suggest we get better
> service from the destinations we cannot cover with IPFRR, with oFIB than
> with PLSN.
> Alex: What is your proposal?
> Stewart: we make this a wg doc and then let the wg make a decision.
> Alex: If you agree that this should become a wg doc, raise hand: @20 yes.
> If not ready, raise hand: 1.  Consensus in the room to make it a wg doc,
> will take to the mailing list.
> Scott Bradner: the consensus in the room is "don't give a hoot"
> Ross: There are always lots of people who haven't read the draft, and don't
> feel comfortable making a stand.
> Alex: Okay, I'll discuss with the AD's and get back to the list.

I was surpised to see that no meeting was scheduled for rtgwg in
Montreal. I would like to know what is the status of this draft and also
the outcome of the three requests sent by Stewart Bryant to advanced the
following drafts as working group items :


Best regards,


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