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Re: Updated Meeting Notes RTGEG IETF 65 (Dallas)

Subject: Re: Updated Meeting Notes RTGEG IETF 65 Dallas
From: Alex Zinin
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 21:38:58 -0700
Olivier, folks-

 Yes, indeed, there wasn't much progress since last meeting and hence no
 meeting scheduled for Montreal. My day job reintegration process has been
 more demanding than expected, which contributed to the situation. I need
 to apologize for this. I expect the situation to improve after Montreal.

 As for these drafts, I will review the discussion and follow-up on it on
 the mailing list this week.


Monday, June 12, 2006, 2:22:11 PM, Olivier Bonaventure wrote:
> Alex, Bill,

> During the last meeting, there were discussions about several drafts.

>> 2006-03-20
>> RTGWG Meeting Notes

> ...
>> Pierre Francois on francois-ordered-fib-01.txt

> ...

>> Alex: Where do the authors want to take this?
>> Stewart: When we know more about this and PLSN, we can make a decision 
>> between
>> them.
>> Alex: I guess, but since we're close to finishing the Basic IPFRR draft, 
>> we'll
>> have to decide if we want to progress it along with some sort of microloop
>> prevention draft.  We were looking at Base IPFRR progressing with PLSN. Do
>> we want to reopen that?
>> Stewart: we should do both or subsitute.  This would suggest we get better
>> service from the destinations we cannot cover with IPFRR, with oFIB than
>> with PLSN.
>> Alex: What is your proposal?
>> Stewart: we make this a wg doc and then let the wg make a decision.
>> Alex: If you agree that this should become a wg doc, raise hand: @20 yes.
>> If not ready, raise hand: 1.  Consensus in the room to make it a wg doc,
>> will take to the mailing list.
>> Scott Bradner: the consensus in the room is "don't give a hoot"
>> Ross: There are always lots of people who haven't read the draft, and don't
>> feel comfortable making a stand.
>> Alex: Okay, I'll discuss with the AD's and get back to the list.

> I was surpised to see that no meeting was scheduled for rtgwg in
> Montreal. I would like to know what is the status of this draft and also
> the outcome of the three requests sent by Stewart Bryant to advanced the
> following drafts as working group items :

> draft-francois-ordered-fib-01.txt
> draft-bryant-shand-lf-conv-frmwk-02.txt
> draft-bryant-shand-lf-applicability-01.txt

> Best regards,

> Olivier

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