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GMPLS Ethernet in Vancouver

Subject: GMPLS Ethernet in Vancouver
From: Loa Andersson
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:38:19 +0200

following the discussion in the CCAMP working group on the L2SC design
team report, the discussion continued off-line and the idea to hold a
GMPLS Ethernet BoF in Vancouver was born. We have collected bits and
pieces of the discussion so far and tried to come up with a way to
proceed. We have put together a more focused proposal for GMPLS
controled Ethernet Label Switching and have requested that a BoF will
be held in Vancouver. This request has been approved by the Routing
Area directors.

A draft draft-andersson-gels-bof-prep-00.txt has been published to serve
as a starting point for the discussion at the BoF. The intention has
been to reflect the GMPLS Ethernet discussion so far, without any claim
to be complete or "objective", but to specify limited and focused
work that can serve starting as a point for GMPLS controlled Ethernet
Label Switching.

A mailing list has been set up to host the discussion before the BoF to
subscribe to the mailing list send mail to

[email protected] (subsribe) in body or subject

or visit


Looking forward to comments and discussion.

/Loa and Dimitri

Loa Andersson

Principal Networking Architect
Acreo AB                           phone:  +46 8 632 77 14
Isafjordsgatan 22                  mobile: +46 739 81 21 64
Kista, Sweden                      email:  [email protected]
                                           [email protected]

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