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DNAv4 Router implementation survey

Subject: DNAv4 Router implementation survey
From: Bernard Aboba
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 10:35:10 -0700 PDT
In IETF last call for the DNAv4 document, a question was raised about the
behavior of routers with respect to ARP Probes (ARP Request with sender
address =

If you have been involved in a router implementation, please answer the
following questions and send the answers to me:

a. After booting and configuring interface addresses, does your
   implementation answer ARP Probes for its address?

b. When a static IPv4 address is assigned on an interface, what does your
   implementation do prior to using the address?

    1. Does nothing, just uses the address.
    2. Sends an ARP Announcement (otherwise known as "Gratuitous ARP")
    3. Broadcasts an ARP Reply
    4. Sends an ARP Probe (ARP Request for the address, with sender
       address =
    5. Behaves as specified in draft-cheshire-ipv4-acd-03.txt
       (multiple ARP probes followed by ARP Announcement)

c. If your implementation behaves as specified in the acd document, how
   does it behave if it receives an ARP probe for its address during the
   period in which it is probing for that same address?

    1. Interprets the probe as indication of an address conflict and stops
       using the address.
    2. Logs the conflict but does not stop using the address.
    3. Ignores the probe.

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