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WG Item?: draft-zinin-microloop-analysis-01.txt

Subject: WG Item?: draft-zinin-microloop-analysis-01.txt
From: Bill Fenner
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 16:09:34 -0400
>I will ask Bill to check WG consensus on taking this doc as a WG item.
>Please read and send your comments to the list.

After driving for 8 days across country with dogs
and baby, and taking a little time to unwind from
same (see http://pegland.net/EastCoastRoadTrip2005/ and
http://t-mobilepictures.com/BillFenner/myjournal/), it's time to see if
the WG is ready to take this on.

There's certainly been discussion on the technical content, but
let's look for consensus on the meta-issue: should this document
be a rtgwg work item?  Let's make this a 1 week WG call for comments;
both for and against (well, we don't *need* any against, but if they're
there I want to hear them!).  I'll evaluate WG consensus on June 22.


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