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Re: the shen-mpls-nnhop Was:(Re: thoughts on draft-bryant-shand-ipfrr-no

Subject: Re: the shen-mpls-nnhop Was:Re: thoughts on draft-bryant-shand-ipfrr-notvia-addresses-00.txt
From: George Swallow
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 18:51:15 -0400
>   From what I remember, draft-shen-nhop-fastreroute described a mechanism
>    targeted for LDP MPLS networks, and hence MPLS would be the place to
>    discuss it, which I think is what happened. Iff the MPLS WG was really
>    excited about it and asked RTGWG to look at it with the IP-FRR glasses
>    on, I'm sure folks here would be happy to do that.

Yes.  In particular, the shen draft can be used with TE tunnels as the
backup paths.  This offers a solution in which TE is only involved in
the failure case, which could be much more attractive to customers who
don't want to deal with *all* of their traffic riding on tunnels.

So a complete solution is available in the MPLS WG.  Note that the
not-via address had not been dreamed up when this draft was first


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