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Re: Ordered FIB approach & broadcast links

Subject: Re: Ordered FIB approach & broadcast links
From: mike shand
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:33:53 +0100
At 11:34 12/04/2005 -0400, Alia Atlas wrote:
In the design team discussion, a question with the Ordered FIBs approach to micro-loop prevention was whether it could handle both "positive" and "negative" news in the same set of topology changes. In general, this was seen as a nice to have.
I believe that the broadcast link case may make this necessary. The
scenario I am thinking of is where the interface from the DR on a
broadcast link fails. As a result, the backup DR will start announcing
the router LSA needed for the pseudo-node. This will look like a
pseudo-node has failed & as if a new pseudo-node has appeared with all of
its links.

Yes, good point. That is certainly true, and looks like it could get rather messy:-(
I'm wondering whether it might be possible to deal with this at a higher
level. i.e. rather than consider the pseudonode represented topology which
has been severely shaken about by the DR changeover, is there some way we
can consider the "real" topology which has simply lost a node. This might
involve some special case processing of pseudonodes, but it might avoid the
other complication.
Haven't had a chance to think seriously about this. I just throw it out as
a possibility for further thought.

What do others think?

I know that the DT decided on PLSN for the basic approach - but there's the possibility that a different advanced method might become desirable.

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