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Re: thoughts on draft-bryant-shand-ipfrr-notvia-addresses-00.txt

Subject: Re: thoughts on draft-bryant-shand-ipfrr-notvia-addresses-00.txt
From: Alia Atlas
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 13:38:52 -0400
At 05:14 AM 4/29/2005, Stewart Bryant wrote:
Consistency is the primary concern. The next is simplicity of configuration, trouble-shooting and operation. Manual assignment of addresses to interfaces could be good enough; perhaps the options are just implementation differences as to how the router derives a particular notvia address to use per interface.
I think so. Whilst I think that we need a manual address assignment
mode, I am sure that we will also need a block assignment mode.
The config should then try hard to allocate the same address across
reboots, but I do not think that it needs to be perfect. Any tool
that needs to know which address was allocated to which interface
could look in the link state DB.
I am more concerned about the notvia addresses changing meaning as
interfaces go up and down. That would be an issue. Tools are fine - but
would all need to be augmented to do such understanding - and human
operators may make assumptions - such as that the meaning/presence/use of
an IP address doesn't dynamically change.

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