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6LSA IETF Drafts

Subject: 6LSA IETF Drafts
From: "Bound, Jim"
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:34:57 -0500

See below draft and two attached that will be available after the IETF.
It provides a solution for IPv6 Label Switch Architecture that does not
compete with MPLS or QOS work in progress in the industry at ITU, etc.


If some of you would do me a favor and review and send comments to Sham
Chakravorty [email protected], Jim.Bo[email protected], and Kevin Zhang
[email protected] I would appreciate it.  We will have a BOF most likely
on 6LSA at the Paris meeting to see if this would be its own working
group.  We will set up industry list for technical persons to work on it
until then if we get enough responses. I am pretty sure we should do
this here in the IETF not go to the ITU.  Also we will be at the
Minneapolis IETF so if you have in person comments that is appreciate


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