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Re: draft-atlas-rtgwg-ipfrr-ip-mib-00.txt

Subject: Re: draft-atlas-rtgwg-ipfrr-ip-mib-00.txt
From: "Adrian Farrel"
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 08:08:49 -0000

> >4. I agree that write access will be needed for some objects.
> Do you think we need write access into both the ipFrrAltTable and the
> ipFrrNoAltTable?  I primarily see this as being useful for static

Well, I don't have RFC2096-update to hand, but I suspect that you need
similar access as is provided to inetCidrRouteTable. If you're playing
with static routes then these are exactly what I would expect to see
configurable through write access. (You wouldn't want to have an
operator writing all over dynamic routes!)


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