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Re: node disjoint and SRLG

Subject: Re: node disjoint and SRLG
From: Stewart Bryant
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 17:56:17 +0000

Alia Atlas wrote:

If I were even willing to accept an SPF per neighbors' neighbor, it would be completely clear how to do SRLGs for U-turn alternates.

I can see how with one SPF per node you can increase the reach of
U-turn, but surely to do SRLG you need to carry some vector in the
packet to steer it at critical places?

There's no need for a vector in the packet. There needs to be a path from S to the node from which the SPT will be followed. The path from that node on the SPT needs to avoid the SRLG.
Whether one can find this depends on the topology.

I think that you are saying if we don't have the vector we can
look for a repair, but might not find one - depending on topology.
Whilst I am saying if you have a vector you can create one where
otherwise you mightnot find it. Is that right?


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