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Re: DT announcement: micro-loop prevention

Subject: Re: DT announcement: micro-loop prevention
From: Olivier Bonaventure
Date: 02 Nov 2004 17:28:54 +0100

>  A few members of the WG have been discussing different microloop prevention
>  mechanisms recently. To ensure transparency of the process, the WG chairs
>  decided to formalize this effort as a design team (for more information on
>  design teams, please see 
> http://www.ietf.org/IESG/STATEMENTS/Design-Teams.txt).
>  In the interest of rapid progress, we decided to keep this DT small and
>  focused. Current members of the design team are listed below:

We have worked a lot on microloop prevention during the last few months.
Our approach is somewhat different from the approaches discussed in the
mailing list. Basically, we propose some extensions to ISIS/OSPF to
allow the routers to determine when they can safely update their FIB to
avoid microloops. The extension that we propose is simply to add a new
TLV inside the ISIS/OSPF Hello packets. 

The paper describing this protocol and the proof of the ordering will be
presented at INFOCOM 2005 in March. We are currently updating the paper
based on the received reviewer's comments. In the mean time, we have
placed a draft version of the paper on the web. You can download it from

If you think that this proposal could be useful for the work on
microloops or that we could, Pierre and myself, contribute to the design
team, let me know. 

Best regards,

Olivier Bonaventure
CSE Dept. UCL, Belgium - http://www.info.ucl.ac.be/people/OBO/

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