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DT announcement: micro-loop prevention

Subject: DT announcement: micro-loop prevention
From: Alex Zinin
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 23:54:37 -0800

 A few members of the WG have been discussing different microloop prevention
 mechanisms recently. To ensure transparency of the process, the WG chairs
 decided to formalize this effort as a design team (for more information on
 design teams, please see http://www.ietf.org/IESG/STATEMENTS/Design-Teams.txt).
 In the interest of rapid progress, we decided to keep this DT small and
 focused. Current members of the design team are listed below:

   Alia Atlas <[email protected]>
   Don Fedyk <[email protected]>
   Mike Shand <[email protected]>
   Stewart Bryant <[email protected]>
   Chris Martin <[email protected]>
   Joel M. Halpern <[email protected]>

 We can add one or two more persons to the DT. If you believe you can make a
 useful contribution to the DT, please send me an e-mail and explain what your
 contribution would be. Requests to join the DT to "ensure being in the loop"
 will not be satisfied--the DT will report to the WG on a regular basis, and
 will hand the matter to the WG as a whole after its done with the discussion.

 At this point the DT has the following milestones:

  NOV 2004: clarify technical details of proposed methods
  NOV 2004: present & discuss proposed methods at IETF61
  DEC 2004: evaluate micro-loop prevention mechanisms for Basic IPFRR
  DEC 2004: report its considerations and recommendation to the WG

 The DT will also update the WG on its results as it progresses.


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