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Re: Linux server time getting out of sync frequently.

Subject: Re: Linux server time getting out of sync frequently.
From: Josh Miller
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 14:50:37 -0700
John Horne wrote:
as i recall, there are a few parameters you can set within the vmware app
for the guest os, in order to sync the timing, and to stop the skew from

i think you might also have to modify the kernel startup attributes.

The only solution I have found to work is to stop NTP on the guest and
simply run ntpdate (getting the time from other reliable server) every
hour or so via cron. The only 'solution' I have not tried is rebuilding
the kernel. Suggestions like use the PIT time source on the kernel
startup line may well improve the timekeeping, but it still loses time.

Hi, coming into this late, but I have been very successful with the following solution:

1. make sure all ESX hosts are syncing time via NTP with a reliable source
2. disable NTPD in all guests
3. set each guest to sync time via VMware tools by setting tools.SyncTime=TRUE
4. in each guest, on the kernel line in grub.conf, set clock=pit and reboot

That has been a bulletproof method for me with over 70 linux guests.

re:  http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vmware_timekeeping.pdf

Josh Miller - RHCE, VCP

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