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RedHatand IPSEC Openswan

Subject: RedHatand IPSEC Openswan
From: Geoff Amer
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 16:24:45 +0100
Dear mailing list

Can anyone tell me if RedHat Enterprise Linux ES version 4 (the latest flavour) supports IPSEC Openswan?

At present we are running RedHat Enterprise Linux ES version 3, kernal 2.4.27 with IPSEC Openswan 2.1.6 rc1. Upgrading to kernal 2.6.9, using IPSEC Openswan 2.1.6rc1 does NOT work (or we can not get it to work???). We would like to upgrade the RedHat Enterprise Linux ES version 4, but can not find anywhere on the RedHat website that gives information as to whether IPSEC Openswan is supported (included)..... can find info on IPSEC Racoon, but we DO NOT want this flavour of IPSEC!!

Many thanks for any info/help in advance.


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