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NFS Tuning

Subject: NFS Tuning
From: "Brian D. McGrew"
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 08:18:56 -0800
Good morning,


Can someone help me with tuning up NFS or point me to a good reference?
I'm running several servers, RH7.3, RH9, Solaris 8 and FC3.  We're
getting absolutely terrible network performance and it's not just with
NFS.  However, I ran up ethereal on a few of the servers and in less
then three minutes I captured over a million packets, of which 95.4%
were UDP NFS packets.  How do I go about turning up NFS?  I know this is
way too much traffic for the size of our network and I'm at a complete
loss as to what to do.






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