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upload speeds - ftp

Subject: upload speeds - ftp
From: "Bret Stern"
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 08:50:51 -0800
Does anybody have any tips for increasing upload

Perhaps sending the file a different way.

I periodically send a zipped 500mb file to my ftp host.
(data sent to my server from a dsl client/customer)

I have Comcast cable, and host an ftp server on my
network. The host is behind an inexpensive router,
which is port forwarded to my ftp host.

The ftp host is a Dell 2450 with dual 1.2 processors,
2-gb ram routed through a Cisco 2900XL 10/100 switch.

I'm getting about 38 - 40 kb upload speed to my

B Stern

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