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Re: Mythtickle 9-13-2006

Subject: Re: Mythtickle 9-13-2006
From: Peter Trei
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 15:19:29 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.strips
Paige wrote:
Paige wrote:
Dann wrote:

Coffee and Keyboards warning!!

Dann            [email protected]
Blogging at:

Be glad you didn't have to read what I deleted.

I can't access your link.


YOIKS! Me again. Now the link works. Sorry.

re the comic: Har! I wonder how many people are going to grab a copy of
the King James Bible and come up with their own secret messages. A
great way to pass the time on a rainy day. Maybe I'll suggest it as a
writing excercise for my humor writers group.


That's been a popular game among those lacking critical thinking skills
since it was first published. However, more prefer to work from the

for hundreds of predictions in the Torah,
including shoutout to Bob Marley, and the
evilness of Harry Potter.

Peter Trei

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