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Re: Paper Computer

Subject: Re: Paper Computer
From: Rich Grise
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 20:42:43 GMT
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intended for publication_, but found
    by the Commission among other Government papers, and
    published,--'That venereal disease has been _on the increase_,
    in spite of all that has been done to check it, _is no new
    discovery_; it has already been brought before the notice of His
    Excellency.'" (Report, p. 35, pars. 4 and 5.)

    What is to be thought of the character of such reports for the
    _Public_, and such an _Official Report_, "not _intended_ to be

    This same Dr. Murray's Annual Report for the _Public_ for
    1867, was _actually put in evidence before the House of Lords'
    Committee_ on venereal diseases--1868, page 135. "Venereal disease
    here has now become of _comparatively rare occurrence_." Yet the
    _Army_ Report for the previous year (1866, page 115) states that
    "the admissions to hospital for venereal disease were 281 per 1000
    men;" i.e., more than one man in four of the whole soldiery had
    been in hospital for this "comparatively rare" disease.

    As regards the Navy, Dr. Murray says, "the evidence of Dr.
    Bernard, the Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals and Fleets, is
    even more satisfactory. He writes (Jan. 27), 'I am enabled to say
    that true syphilis is now rarely contracted by our men in Hong
    Kong.'" Yet the "China station," in which Hong Kong occupies so
    important a position, had at the time 25 per cent. more _sec

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