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[rdiff-backup-users] Re: Speed issue in first run

Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Re: Speed issue in first run
From: Jussi Hirvi
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 20:35:37 +0300

Thanks for the tip. I believe that's true, but still I have the impression
that an empty rdiff-backup-data in target dir makes a difference - if it
doesn't exist, the first run seems to take ve-e-ery long (though source and
target should be identical). However, there are unknown factors, so I cannot
be absolutely sure. And testing (in normal operation) is slow, as my backup
batches are large. 

Anyway, the restoration of my backups runs now smoothly, it's a matter of
days only, not weeks. So I guess I'm ok.

As a general remark, rdiff-backup seems to be much slower than rsync. I'd
like to know the reason for that.

Another remark (off-topic): it would be a nice feature to get indication of
progress - for example something like ""LL % ready, MM Gb examined from
total of NN Bb". This could be written every few minutes in a separate file.
I saw in the list archive that this has been proposed earlier.


aurbain <[email protected]> escribio (21.7.2008 16:39):
> if you delete your rdiff-backup data dir before running, that will cause
> a faster rdiff run after a crash.  You loose all increments, however.
> Jussi Hirvi wrote:
>> Hi list, 
>> I joined the list just now.
>> First some background info:
>> I have almost a terabyte to back up, and so far I have used a single
>> one-line rdiff-backup script to do it all. The script runs every night, and
>> 36 increments are stored.
>> A couple of weeks ago something happened, and rdiff-backup started to crash
>> each time I tried a backup.
>> Now I did what I probably should have done a long time ago: divided the huge
>> target directory to several directories, with a dedicated rdiff-backup
>> script for each.
>> Now to the question:
>> When I run rdiff-backup for the first time for each new directory (with
>> --force), the run takes very long. It takes about as long as copying it all
>> from source, even though almost all of the content is already in place at
>> the target directory.
>> How could I speed this up? Does it matter if there is a manually created,
>> empty rdiff-backup-data directory ready in place (in one test I got the
>> impression that this might help).
>> I wouldn't want to wait for the next couple of weeks for my script to
>> finish. :-) 
>> Any suggestions?
>> - Jussi

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