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Subject: [Quarto-l] various
From: Anthere
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 01:46:17 -0700 PDT
Hello all,
A collection of points.
First, Sj reported that we now really have a design team, taking care of the images, cover and pdf version. I saw a couple of days ago an example of a pdf version and I was really impressed; I can't wait :-) When do you perceive the pdf will be available ? One week ? More ?
Second, I would like to know if the last people working on the version 3 think it will be okay to announce it officially (the english version) on monday (for the publication of the Sign Post) ? Is it possible to have the english version transferred on WikimediaFoundation site by monday or is it best to wait for another week ? Waiting another week will jump to next month, I think it would be great if it could be done by *this* monday. What do you think Sj ?
I'll dig up the last announcement made for Quarto2 and will put it in meta pages for improvement. It would be great to announce at the same time the mail system is now up and a PDF version will be available.
Third, depending on what was just written above, when could the email be sent ? (for the english version) Are they some things left to do so that the mail can be send ? How can we help ? Since I am on it, do we have an idea of how many people are now registered to receive that mail ? It might be worth mentionning somewhere.
Fourth, I started reworking pages on meta, so as to clarify the various departement in which people work. Roughly, I perceive 1) editing, 2) design, 3) translation, 4) distribution. I'll try to clarify the pages a bit more, in particular so that the editing process is easier. I think this version was definitly easier than issue 1 and 2, so the way the pages are cut/displayed might be the good solution. One thing I would like to though is that people feel more empowered to directly add a report, so as to reduce the work on others, with possibly unecessary steps. Opinions welcome
Fifth, Sj, could it be possible that you put the working frame of version number 4 as soon as possible. I think it is time we start looking for next issue content, and the easiest way is to know where to put things. I already ask two people for reports, Guaka, for the Mali experiment (he already started it); Clare-Marie White for the Rwanda issue on wikinews (also agreed). I'll try to drive Amikeco in if I can as well.
I'll see soon with Sj what we can get in the Foundation report. Meanwhile, you are all welcome to have ideas for the projects report, suggest names of people with a story to tell us...
Each version shows improvement. So, I am real glad :-) I felt particularly happy that Fruggo and others were finishing the Quarto 2 translation these days.

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