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[Quanta] Possible Bug with knotify on quanta 3.5 & openSuSE 11.0

Subject: [Quanta] Possible Bug with knotify on quanta 3.5 & openSuSE 11.0
From: "David C. Rankin"
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 23:44:00 -0600

        I notice when running quanta that I get pretty regular knotify crashes 
the backtrace window shown on the screen: See:


        This only occurs with quanta. As a long shot, I started knotify from 
and just let it run. The next time a knotify error occurred, this was dumped
back to the terminal by knotify:

akode: Guessed format: xiph

        I haven't a clue what this means, so I thought I would post it and try 
confirm with others before submitting a bug. That also raises another question
-- Where does the bug go? quanta or openSuSE? Seems like it would be openSuSE,
unless it is a problem with quanta. I'm running openSuSE 11.0 x86-64, KDE
3.5.10 "release 33.1". Let me know if you have seen anything like this. Thanks.

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