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Re: [Quanta] Lack of Responsiveness in Quanta Editor

Subject: Re: [Quanta] Lack of Responsiveness in Quanta Editor
From: Andras Mantia
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 11:35:10 +0300
On Sunday 03 September 2006 19:18, Amedeo wrote:
> Andras,
> I was preparing my not-working quantarc file to send it
> over to you, by trimming all the personal-related files
> and folder names, when I came across the cause of this
> misbehaviour of Quanta.
> In [FilesTreeView] section I had:
> OpenFolderList1=file:///
> OpenFolderList2=file://$HOME/,file://$HOME/,file://$HOME/WebProjs
> and changed it to:
> OpenFolderList1=file:///
> OpenFolderList2=file://$HOME/,file://$HOME/\
> and Quanta became as speedy as it used to!
This is new to me.

> Now, I suspect there should be some bugs around in the way Quanta
> rewrites the config file.
> Scrolling it I also noticed:
> - in [General Options] "List of autosaved files" grows indefinitely,
>   mine is over 318574 chars long (in one line)!
I fixed this bug some days ago. It was really bad one.

> - in [KFileDialog Settings] "Recent Files" is also long, but it's
> peanuts compared to the previous one, half a page with "less".

This is out of our control.

> - in [Projects] "ProjectSessionTempFiles" lists many times the same
> file. (I've been working recently on one project only, I think every
> time I quit Quanta with the same project open, it add the same
> .session file name here (whereas I would expect it to add only
> non-existent file names).

This is also new to me.

> - all in all a freshly create quantarc file is few kb short, whilst
>   mine grew up to over 660k in size!
That should be mostly because of the autosaved list.

Just a question: do you use symlink for your home or project directory?


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