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Re: [quanta-devel] drag and drop in structure tree

Subject: Re: [quanta-devel] drag and drop in structure tree
From: Paulo Moura Guedes
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 11:26:14 +0100
On Tuesday 23 August 2005 17:46, Jens Herden wrote:
> Hi,
> I fixed a small bug in the structure tree. Every time the cursor was moved
> a new item was selected but the old one not deselected. This is due to the
> changes for drag and drop support. The tree was changed to allow multiple
> selections. So far so good, but then I started to play around with drag and
> drop. :-(
> It is a piece of shit in the moment!


> Try to move or copy '<strong>text</strong>' and you will get
> '<strong>text</strong></strong>'
> Sometimes it accepts a drop sometimes not, no idea why.

On mouse move event, it is tested if the child node can belong to the parent 
but sometimes the results are diferent for the same combination. I don't know 
why, it seems drag and drop related.

> Sometimes it accepts a drop, opens the menu to ask what to do but does
> nothing. If I perform the same again it is working.
> Sometimes Quanta will eat up all memory and CPU resources.
> I do not want to look into this deeper but someone should do it before we
> release Quanta.

It is very dificult or nearly impossible to have stable features regarding 
node manipulation with this code base. Maybe we should simply disable drag 
and drop.

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