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Problem with QTopia 4.1.1 and QThreads

Subject: Problem with QTopia 4.1.1 and QThreads
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:36:48 +0100
Hi list!

I have a problem with an application, which uses two threads. One is 
running the gui, the other one is needed for communication over the serial 

The strange thing is:
If I compile the application with QT 4.1.1, everything runs as it should. 
But if I compile with qtopia core 4.1.1, the application starts as it 
should. it initializes the communication-thread. this thread runs and 
works on the communication, but never returns. The GUI-thread is not able 
to evaluate the communicatoin packages, taken from the serial port. I can 
not stop my application using a QPushButton, but my communication thread 
seems to not get the signal...

It seems, as if it is not possible at all, to switch between the 
threads... I even tryed by using msleep, so that the second thread should 
sleep, but this did not help either.
Is there a howto or anything like that or does anybody have any idea, what 
might go wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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