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Re: Building debug and release versions

Subject: Re: Building debug and release versions
From: Simon Hausmann
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 20:14:01 +0200
On Thursday 7. September 2006 19:25, Joe Higham wrote:
> Sometime between the 8/10 and 8/25 snaphots it appears that the default
> option for configure changed from "-debug-and-release" to "-release".
> It also seems that now if you configure with "-debug-and-release" there are
> no debug versions created by the makefiles.  There used to be libraries
> created with names like "libFoo_debug.so"
> My workaround is to configure twice, once with "-release" and again with
> "-debug" and install each in their own separate install locations.
> Is this expected behavior?

Yes, it is a deliberate behavioral change.

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