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Re: Default protocol for QSslSocket

Subject: Re: Default protocol for QSslSocket
From: Andreas Aardal Hanssen
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 09:56:37 +0200
Mark Sawle wrote:
> KDE 3.  In view of this, perhaps there's a case for changing the default
> to QSslSocket::AnyProtocol.

If AnyProtocol didn't include SSLv2, I would concur. Unfortunately it does,
however, so the most common protocol happens to be SSLv3. It's an
unfortunate, but necessary, default value.

Andreas Aardal Hanssen, Senior Software Engineer
Development / Widgets, Trolltech ASA
Sandakerveien 116 (PO Box 4332 Nydalen) NO-0402 Oslo Norway

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