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undo/redo framework question

Subject: undo/redo framework question
From: "Jerome Conus"
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 16:59:14 +0200
Hi !

I'm using Qt4 and the undo/redo framework provided by Qt Solutions. I'm 
trying to use this framework but I'm not sure of the proper way in my 
situation :

My application is displaying a MainWindow. This window creates my Table 
Model and creates a QTableView to display my model.

When a cell has been edited, the setData() method of my model is called, and 
(this is where I'm not sure what to do) I guess I have to create a 
(derived-class of) QtCommand and to give it to the the undoStack.

My problem is which class is the creator/owner of the undostack, and how 
does the table model knows about this creator of the undostack. Or maybe I'm 
wrong the the table model should not issue a QtCommand, but in this case, 
which class will issue it ?

Thanks for your help,

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